James Robinson, 76, known as “Rocky,” is the founder of the ambulance corps, which has been struggling financially.
 The Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps is located at the intersection of Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Greene Street, in a residential area of Brooklyn.
 Mr. Degeyndt, left, and Ebony Copeland, right, treat a patient who was hit by a car on Fulton Street. Mr. Degeyndt is a recent graduate of the Bedford Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Ms. Copeland is a current student. The Corps takes pride in their students real time experience in the field.   The operation runs whenever volunteers are available and the ambulance is “at 800,” or fully stocked with medical equipment.
 Using a patient simulation mannequin, Alonzo Culbert, 30, practices CPR.
 Mr. Robinson is legally blind. The print on his phone is fairly large, and he often struggles to read it.
 Ebony Copeland, 31, prepares the gurney with a new sheet for the next patient. The hospital often shares supplies like sheets, bags and oxygen tanks with the ambulance corps.
 Jakeem McKenzie, 24, left, assists Mr. Degeyndt, right, while he loads a patient into their ambulance. The patient had suffered a mild heart attack.
 Atma Degeyndt, 38, right, records information after an Officer Yanaris Mark, left, was kicked by a suspect.
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